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Start A Small Business Effort

“Do I think starting a business… an online business… is worth the effort?”

“Can make any money doing it?”

The short answer to both questions is YES. Starting a business is possibly one of the best ways to increase your income, and gain independence.

Having said that, I also need to add that there are risks.

With the advent of the Internet, just about anyone can start an online business, no matter your background, and with very little money. A computer and a connection to the Internet will get you started. Of course, these are only vehicles. You need more than this to become successful.

After pondering the reader’s questions, this is how I replied…

* Starting any business involves time, energy and money.*

This seems obvious, but surprisingly, a lot of people don’t actually stop to think about this. Before you do another thing, you need to ask yourself whether or not you are ready and willing to give this kind of commitment. It goes without saying that you can’t build any business without investing varying degrees of each.

* Decide WHY you want to build a business of your own.*

What I’m talking about here are intangibles such as the sense of self-satisfaction, a desire for more independence and freedom, fulfillment of a life-long dream… these types of things.

*Start a business on something you love and know something about.*

Too many people go chasing the almighty dollar simply because a business looks good on paper. But no matter how profitable any given business is, if you don’t have a strong interest in the subject and know a lot about it, the business is almost guaranteed to fail.

Why? Because a key ingredient in a successful business is trust. If you don’t have a passion for what you do, the business won’t be any fun. It will end up being drudgery and it will show in everything you do. Your readers will sense that and they won’t trust you. Without trust, it will be impossible for you to build relationships with them.

So, pick a business that you are keenly interested in… and that will sustain your interest over the long haul.

*You need a website that works.*

A good website can be the most valuable tool you own, no matter what kind of business you decide upon. The primary function of a good website is to provide relevant, useful information about the subject of your business. The site can also perform a variety of secondary functions — secondary being the operative word.

People use the Internet for one thing — to get information. As a business owner, you want to give them what they’re looking for.

For instance… let’s say someone wants to find information about the best gourmet chocolate in the world. It happens that your passion is gourmet chocolate. You build a website about gourmet chocolate that provides lots of information, and even suggests the best places to buy gourmet chocolate.

Quality content like that is useful to the person looking for it, and it attracts search engines. Good content also means you’re likely to rank well with the engines. The better your ranking, the more targeted visitors you’ll attract — visitors who are motivated to buy. And, of course, warm, willing-to-buy visitors mean greater profits.

Matching people who want information with people who provide it equals win-win… and that’s what makes a website work.

*All of the passion in the world doesn’t guarantee success.*

Before you roll full-steam ahead with your idea, you need to be certain you can actually make money with it. That means you need to do some research. There are hundreds of ways to do this, but the only method I recommend is Site Build It!.

SBI! combines dozens of tools and services in one package, which makes it simple to identify profitable niches. One of its best features is the Brainstorm tool. Just enter a keyword or phrase and it goes out to the web and brings back the actual demand, supply and profitability. You also see who the competition is and how they rank.

Another reason I recommend SBI! is that sites tend to rank better and faster. The company’s founder, Ken Evoy, reports that *62% of SBI! sites rank in the top 3%.*


Unless you can afford to live without a paycheck, don’t fire your boss. It’s going to take time and hard work for the money to start rolling in from your new business. But if you create a plan and follow it, the day will come when the income from your online business exceeds your paycheck. When that happens, you can say… “Hasta la Vista, Baby!”

At the end of the day, the decision to start a business is highly personal and yours alone to make. You are the only one who can decide if small business ownership is a good fit. But I submit to you that if the desire is there, don’t be afraid to try.

The Internet is a venue rife with opportunity. Whatever your interest, passion or hobby, I’m confident you can turn it into a successful online business.

If leading a happier, more satisfying life is something you want, make it happen. Every day that passes is one day of opportunity you won’t have again.