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Use Symantec Tools and Other Tips to Stop Cyberattacks

Without the security and financial resources to survive a catastrophic data loss, a small business can be particularly vulnerable. Data theft can be a business-ending disaster, according to the National Security Alliance, and intrusions can damage a brand and lead to diminished customer trust. In this guide, small business owners can pick up a few tips on protecting their companies from cyberattacks.

Take a Proactive Stance

While it’s impossible to be 100% safe, most attacks can be prevented. Available technology from Symantec works much like an alarm system for the corporate network. These networks should be monitored, audited and tested each month, not just when a breach occurs. It’s also important to update the OS and antivirus software as often as possible. If a small business owner doesn’t do this regularly, the company will become an easy target.

Practice Industry Compliance

In the past, small businesses just had to look like they were making an effort to be more secure. However, recent high-profile data breaches changed everything. Vendors are being sued, and many are at risk for breach-related expenses. For a small business owner, a lawsuit can be a business-ending catastrophe, as the average breach comes with millions of dollars in costs.

Buy Data Loss Insurance

A few years ago, data loss insurance wasn’t even available, but it has quickly become a necessity. According to industry research, by 2020, almost 90% of businesses will need data loss protection. While it may seem like a frivolous cost to some, it can also save a business. Even if the owner isn’t the cause of the breach, they may have to defend their actions in court, and most insurance policies pay for the policyholder’s legal defense.

Choose Cloud Services

A computer, even a new one, that hasn’t been regularly updated and monitored could be breached without the owner’s knowledge. With cloud services, subscribers pay a monthly fee to have someone else take care of the monitoring and updating chores.

As devastating as they can be, cyberattacks are here to stay. However, if the business owner has a plan to thwart hackers and intruders, they can be well on their way to protecting sensitive customer and corporate data.